Buddhists around the world greet one another by joining their palms.  But why?

By joining the palms, Buddhists greet people in a graceful gesture that is also a dignified way of greeting people.  The origins of this date back to ancient India (Añjali Mudrā), however Buddhists have some unique symbolism associated with this gesture:

  • Symbolizes the Dharma Realms:  When all ten fingers are together, it symbolically makes all ten “Dharma realms” become one
  • Buddha Nature:  It reminds the person of the Buddha nature within every being
  • Respect:  Folding the palms shows respect
  • Mind and Heart:  Concentrates our minds and our heart with the teachings of the Buddha

Thailand uses a beautiful gesture, called the “Wai“, which they incorporate into everyday life (see video below)